Monday, January 26, 2009

Well, why aren't things the way they're supposed to be?

Why I started this blog is anybody's guess, but it's a free method of shooting off one's face so why not?

The title of my blog comes from my basic disappointment in life that things just aren't the way they're supposed to be and rarely turn out as they should. Or so it seems to me. When I get mental pictures of how certain situations will eventuate, they seldom take that path. But then again, have things ever gone they way they should in the world? For example, yes, the United States (with a little help from a few Allies) won WW2, but we sure made a whole lot of mistakes in doing it and events that came about as a result were certainly unanticipated.

Well, I'm not going to dedicate an entire blog to gloomy, dreary comments and complaints about why nothing is going right. More likely, I will comment about how things are actually going at a given moment, or more often about how things used to be in the past.

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