Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Put the Laundromat next to the Library

This occurred to me today while I was in bed, thinking about getting up. Why not put the laudromat next to the library? That way, people could maximize the use of their precious time. They could set up their laundry chores, then while the wash is going, go next door and use the facilities at the library. Go back, repeat process for clothes drying. I just don't want to see people folding their laundry in the library.

Around my neighborhood, the library as an institution is one that is going to survive change. Unlike the post office, the library is morphing into a modern instititution with its embrace of contemporary media. They could've just stuck to traditional books and before long, they would've locked the doors and closed down. I prefer to read hard copy, but when I go to the library, the young people are mostly glued to the computers or checking out digital media. Good on the library for keeping up.

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