Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pictures of Oakland Army Base - then and now (part 1)

The first picture is of the transient barracks area on W. 14th St. at Oakland Army Base. This was a complex of concrete barrack and mess hall facilities built mostly in 1954-55. I took this picture in September, 1976 when I was visiting in the area. By this time, Oakland Army Base had become very quiet with the ending of the Vietnam war. This area was mostly used by the US Army Reserve at that time.

The second picture is of the same street in front of the former transient barracks site. I took this picture in February, 2009, and about all that is left are the driveway aprons. The buildings have been very recently torn down.

The third picture is of the area behind the transient billets where we lined up for manifesting formations in the paved area. Picture taken 1976.

The fourth picture, taken Feb. 2009, shows the same area behind the location of the former transient barracks where the formations were held. All that is left is the one building on the right hand edge; that building is the only early 1950's building remaining on the site and is at present used by a hospital unit of the USAR.

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