Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pictures of Oakland Army Base then and now (part 2)

The first picture is of the warehouse used as a sealed holding area prior to busing to Travis AFB. Picture taken 1976. By that time, it had been re-named the "Oakland Army Base Sports Arena" (??!!)

The second picture taken Feb. 2009, the pile of pulverized concrete debris is approximately on the site of the warehouse used as a holding area. In 1995, Oakland Army Base was slated for closure in one of the many base realignment measures taken under the Clinton administration. The base was turned over to the City and Port of Oakland in 1999 for various civilian uses. That part of Oakland Army Base that was used as the personnel center, plus other post activities fell into the area that was taken over by the Port of Oakland. It is being converted to an intermodal transportation center for use by the railroad in the Port of Oakland. There are a few straggling remnant USAR units that are tenants in two buildings but their time there is very short.

The third picture oddly enough, is of one of the few identifying items remaining at Oakland Army Base which is the sign at the main gate to the former personnel center.

The fourth picture is the guard shack at the former gate to the Oakland Army Base overseas personnel center.

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